Cold Staking

Earn 23% of annual passive income and get
daily rewards for locking your pixby tokens.
Take control of duration and income by
choosing how much and how long to stake.

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Pay for goods and services worry free!
We're developing an advanced Escrow protocol
which allows smooth transactions for both
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PIXBY is a token with unique abilities seen nowhere else before. Users can earn passive income by staking a minimal amount of 35,000 and a maximum of 2,500,000 PIXBY for each stake. Users have full control over their funds and staking period, not limited to the number of active stakes. Soon enough, stakeholders will also benefit from profit-sharing thanks to Escrow protocol.


Besides being a community-driven incentivized project, one of our goals is to create easy-to-use open-source instruments that will power dozens of new freelance markets around the world. The developers of the Canadian gaming club are already using this tool

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Predicted daily rewards

Staking PIXBY is fun and easy! It only takes a minute to start, and you always know what your reward will be because a smart-contract backs it.


PIXBY is a decentralized asset, and that means that no government or authority has control over it.

Operates on Ethereum network

Written in solidity by the best developers. PIXBY operates on the Ethereum network and uses the ERC20 standard, giving token holders the flexibility to store, trade, and transfer tokens.


All users staked collateral are locked in the smart contract without PIXBY developers having any direct or indirect access to those funds. No one can steal your collateral from you.

23% Annual Percentage Yield

Earn 23% of ROI at no effort! There's no need for any costly equipment, either running a node. Smart-contract does everything for you!

How does it work?

Our process is designed to give you the smoothest experience.

Lock your tokens

Authorize your wallet and head over to 'Passive Investment' in the dashboard. Set the amount and locking period; click submit and confirm transaction in your wallet.

Release rewards

It takes 48 hours for tokens to mature. After that, you can head over to transaction history in the dashboard and start releasing your rewards daily or upon the end of the locking period.

Unlock your initial investment

After the locking period has ended, head over to 'Transaction history' click 'Claim' and confirm the transaction in your wallet. After transaction confirmation, you will receive both your initial investment and staking rewards in case if anything is left unclaimed.


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